【IRONMAN 鐵人小教室】轉換區好混亂不知道怎麼辦? Have No Idea What to Do in Transition Area?

【IRONMAN 鐵人小教室】轉換區好混亂不知道怎麼辦? Have No Idea What to Do in Transition Area?

  • 【IRONMAN 鐵人小教室】轉換區好混亂不知道怎麼辦? Have No Idea What to Do in Transition Area?

你以為鐵人三項只比游泳、騎車、跑步三項嗎?轉換區的時間也算在總成績裡面,也是所謂第四個戰場! 賽前體能訓練不可少,但轉換區的訓練也是相當重要,過於緊張而導致手忙腳亂,甚至違反規則,不僅浪費時間,比賽心情還會大受影響! 除了要了解場地路線外,賽前熟悉轉換區以及規則也不可忽略!

  • 自行車須停放在選手號碼相對應的指定車架位置
  • 所有個人裝備必須放在轉換區內專屬的車格內、裝備袋裡、或是大會指定的可放置處
  • 轉換區內不可動用其他選手的裝備
  • 轉換區內不可阻礙其他選手比賽
  • 必須在規定的上車線之後上車,在下車線之前下車
  • 選手不可在行進路線中停留
  • 禁止裸體和不道德行為

到轉換區後,記得帶上該有的裝備: 安全帽、太陽眼鏡、號碼帶(路跑段需要),準備好後再出發,保持穩定,好好享受鐵人三項的過程吧!

There are three disciplines of triathlon, swim, bike, and run. But do you know what is the fourth discipline? Transition area—a focal point in a triathlon! It is essential to have a comprehensive training prior to a triathlon—but you also need to know the rules of transition area. You may be panic if you cannot spot your bike in the transition area and even violate the event regulation with time penalty. Make sure you ‘ve known the layout of transition route and take note of the regulations below:

  • Bicycles must be racked in a manner such that the majority of the bicycle is on the athlete’s side of the bike rack;
  • Each athlete’s equipment must be placed either in the athlete’s transition bags, on the athlete’s bike, or in the designated transition spot, depending on the policy stated in the Event-specific Athlete Information Guide;
  • Athletes must not interfere with another athlete’s equipment in the transition area;
  • Athletes must not impede the progress of other athletes in the transition area;
  • A mount and dismount line will be clearly designated at the entrance and exit of the transition area. Mounting the bike before the designated mount-line is prohibited. Dismounting after the dismount line is prohibited;
  • Athletes cannot stop in the flow zones of the transition area;
  • Public nudity or indecent exposure is prohibited. (DSQ)

When you enter transition area, remember to bring your stuff: helmet, glasses, and race number belt (for run segment). Take a moment to gather your composure and ensure that you have all your gear. Then just bring on your smile and enjoy the race!