【2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan / IronGirl Taiwan】Race Reminders 賽事懶人包

【2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan / IronGirl Taiwan】Race Reminders 賽事懶人包

【2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taitung, Taiwan】Race Reminders 賽事懶人包

距離2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taitung, Taiwan只剩下差不多一個禮拜的時間,相信鐵人們已經迫不及待在比賽中大展身手了吧! 以下為大家整理比賽重要的時程和注意事項,調整好步調,我們賽場見!

重要時程(完整內容請點我) – Click me for the full AIG file

9/11(五) 9/11 Fri.
12:00-18:00 選手報到 (70.3/IG/IK)

  • 先查好編號,加速報到流程! —>選手編號請點我
  • 報到需查驗身分證或護照,簽署參賽同意書及填寫號碼布背面緊急聯絡資訊
  • 報到確認(參賽個人資訊無誤) & 檢查選手用品袋
  • 不得代理報到,請選手親自報到
  • 所有接力組成員必須同時到達會場進行報到,若現場需更換接力隊員,需加收手續費 NT$3000,且其中至少要有一名隊員是 原報名隊中成員
  • 選手手環請在賽事期間全程配戴,憑手環參加選手晚宴、搭乘接駁車
12:00-18:00 Athletes Check in (70.3/IG/IK)

  • Check your bib number in advance in order to speed up the check-in process! —>Check your bib number here!
  • You are required to show photo proof of identity (driver’s license, passport, etc). In addition, please sign the waiver and fill out the emergency contact information in the back of your bib number.
  • Check your personal information and the labels affixed to your race kit for correct information regarding your name, age, sex and category. Notify the on-site staff prior to the race of any mistakes.
  • You must check in ON YOUR OWN, no one else can do this for you.
  • Relay teams must be present together at Athlete Check-In, at the same time. There will be fee NT$3000 if you need to change your team member. One of them must be a member of the original team.
  • Please wear your ID wristband through to the end of the race. Your ID wristband will allow you access into welcome function and shuttle service.
15:00-17:00 官方試游

  • 官方試游唯一一場!
15:00-17:00 Official Practice Swim

  • The only official swim practice!
18:00 歡迎晚宴

  • 70.3選手限定。非選手(包含選手親友)將酌收大人$600,小孩$300,且須等候選手先行入場用餐
18:00 Welcome Function

  • The 70.3 athletes have priority entry to the welcome function. Athletes’ family and friends are required to purchase dinner ticker with the price NT$600/adult and NT$300/kid.
9/12(六) 9/12 Sat.
09:00-15:00 選手報到(70.3)

  • 選手務必於本日下午15:00前本人 親自報到完畢,逾時取消參賽資格!

13:00-18:00 自行車交車

  • 交車才領取晶片,請於比賽日配戴於左腳踝!
  • 無論中途棄賽或完賽後,晶片皆須由志工回收/繳回大會服務處

14:00 轉換區導覽暨賽事說明影片Q&A

09:00-15:00 Athletes Check-in (70.3)

  • The last chance for athletes to check-in by 15:00. No athlete will be able to check-in after the schedule mentioned.

13:00-18:00 Bike Check-in

  • You will pick up your timing chip from transition area and please make sure fasten and wear on left ankle during the race!
  • Whether you finish the race or not, you must return the timing chip to volunteers at finish line or to the Information Booth. 

14:00 Transition Tour and Race Briefing with Q&A

9/13(日) 9/13 Sun.
06:00 開賽

14:52 賽事關門

16:00 世錦賽資格註冊

17:30 頒獎典禮

  • 分齡組頒發前六名、接力組頒發前三名,請踴躍參加!!!


06:00 Race Start

14:52 Race Cut-off

16:00 World Championship Slot Allocation & Rolldown Ceremony

17:30 Awards Ceremony

  • Top six of each individual category and top 3 of relay teams will be awarded. You are more than welcome to come and stand on the stage!!!


*****最後提醒大家,因應疫情,此次參加 2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan 選手在會場時請務必全程配戴口罩,謝謝!*****

*****Last but not least, according to CDC’s guidance and advice, we strongly recommend you to wear your own mask in the venue at all times.*****